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Elder Law Attorney At A Glance

Elder Law Attorney At A Glance

An elder law attorney plays an important role in upholding the rights of elderly individuals and applying elder law to real life situations. Elder law is the legal discipline that is concerned with the rights of elderly individuals. An elder law attorney will advocate for elder rights, and often, these lawyers function to represent elder individuals in elder abuse cases.

Elder abuse can be committed by a friend or a family member, or it may occur in a nursing home. This abuse may be psychological, physical, sexual, or financial in nature. Any type of elder abuse can be devastating to a victim’s physical and psychological well-being. An elder law attorney can help to ensure that an offender is prosecuted for his/her actions and that the victim receives damages. In addition, an elder law attorney can help an elder individual to establish a will or a living will, and assist in the completion of any necessary legal documents.