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AARP Dental Insurance Overview

AARP Dental Insurance Overview

AARP health insurance plans offer a variety of options for
supplemental coverage. AARP dental coverage can be purchased as a
Medicare supplement or on its own. The program is often offered at a
deep discount to Medicare beneficiaries.
dental insurance has many plan options. Thsoe that select the basic
plan may have access to a yearly teeth cleaning and other forms of
preventive dental work. This plan tends to be fairly inexpensive,
especially for those that are AARP members.
dental insurance may also include more advanced plans which allow for
dental treatments and surgery. For instance, this plan may cover root
canals and replacement of teeth that need to be pulled. The most
advanced dental insurance plan may include dental surgeries, such as
gum surgery, when necessary.
AARP dental
insurance  and many  other AARP health insurance plans, offer
individuals the opportunity to get additional coverage at a reduced
cost,. For example, Medicare beneficiaries do not have access to dental
care through the traditional government funded plan. Yet, those
individuals may find lost cost options through AARP.
AARP dental insurance may also be purchased in conjunction with other
AARP health insurance plans. Together, the plans can cover gaps in
coverage that result from Medicare. These plans may cover treatments
not covered by medicare, as well as some deductibles and co-payments
which would normally be the responsibility of the Medicare beneficiary.