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AARP Medicare Supplemental

AARP Medicare Supplemental

AARP supplemental insurance is utilized by Medicare beneficiaries
in order to cover gaps in medical coverage. There are many types of
coverage options that are not available through traditional Medicare.
However,  those that are eligible for Medicare, are also eligible for
AARP supplemental insurance.
AARP Medicare
supplements may cover dental treatment. In fact, the reduced rates
offered for dental coverage can save individuals a lot of money.
Traditional Medicare does not offer any dental coverage at all. This
AARP Medicare supplement may cover basic dental care, such as teeth
cleaning, but it may also cover more extensive treatments, such as a
root canal, depending on the type of coverage selected.
Medicare supplemental insurance also covers prescriptions when this
option is selected. In fact, prescriptions can be one of the largest
medical expenses for retired individuals. This coverage may cover the
full cost of generic medication, as well as a large percentage  of the
cost of brand name medications.
There is also a
vision plan offered through AARP Medicare supplemental insurance, which
allows individuals to have their eyes checked on a yearly basis, as
well as an allowance for prescription eye glasses.
Medicare supplemental insurance may also cover a large amount of an
individuals yearly Medicare deductible, as well as many co-payments.