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Retirement Apartments Overview

Retirement Apartments Overview

Retirement Apartments Overview
Retirement apartments arse generally for individuals over the age of sixty five. For married couples,  only one spouse is generally required to meet the age minimum requirement. Retirement apartments have the benefit of allowing  couples to live together, where this is often not possible in nursing home facilities. A retirement apartment will likely have access to medical care on site.
Those that live in a retirement apartment may or may not have health issues. In general, there is a health care facility  on site that allows residents to access medical care for basic needs, such as checkups. They will likely have access to medical care for serious illnesses as well. If there is not a medical care facility on site, the retirement apartment complex likely provides transportation which allows residents to get to the doctor.
These types of apartment complexes generally allow residents to maintain freedom of movement. Those that can drive can come and go as they please. However, those that require assistance getting around, are also able to go to the grocery store and run errands, as communities generally provide a bus or car service.  
When and if individuals need to transition from a retirement apartment to a nursing home, there will be legal and financial issues to deal with. These apartment complexes generally have a staff that can assist in the transition. They may also offer legal advice to help residents in state planning.




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