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AARP At A Glance

AARP At A Glance

American Association of retired persons background
The American Associated of retired persons is in place to assist retired Americans, by educating them as to their rights and fighting to keep those rights. The Association may lobby for laws and regulations which benefit the elderly. They also offer discounted travel programs, discounts for rental cars and supplemental Medicare insurance.
AARP travel
AARP travel discounts are available for several types of travel. Individuals may travel solo, with their family or as a part of a tour group. Tour groups offered through AARP are very popular with those that do not have a travel companion. Regardless of who is traveling, discounts are available when travel is booked through AARP.
AARP magazine
AARP magazine offers articles which educate retried persons on issues of Medicare and laws which may effect their rights. For example, the magazine may include an article on the lack of a cost of living increase for Social Security recipients. The magazine may also have articles on political candidates that are working towards ensuring that retired individuals have someone to protect their rights.
AARP discounts
AARP discounts can be found for a variety of items. Some retailers allow AARP members to receive discounts on merchandise. In addition, members have access to discounted travel and rental cars. They also have access to discounted insurance including supplemental Medicare insurance, car insurance and life insurance. 



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