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retirement plans may include a 401k. These types of investments are
offered through many employers. The employee makes contributions to the
401K while they work. The money is taken out of their paycheck, pretax,
in order to maximize their contributions to the ING retirement plans.
The employer may match the contributions.


ING retirement plans include a maximum allowable limit for
contributions. The employer may match that maximum contribution, or
they may match a certain percentage. These contributions are then
invested by ING and the money either grows or shrinks in value,
depending on how the investments do.


some cases, individuals that retire with an ING retirement plan may
find that they have less money when they retire. In fact, some
investments may be extremely high risk, while others are low risk. For
that reason, individuals are often encouraged to participate in the
selection of investment or types of investment. While high risk
investments may have a higher return, there is also a greater chance of
losing money.


retirement plans offer individuals a variety of options so that they
maximize their income to save for retirement. While the investments are
meant for retirement, individuals may switch jobs. In that case, they have to rollover their 401k to their new employer or handle it independently. ING can assist those individuals in keeping their plan up to date.



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