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The Older Americans Act

The Older Americans Act

The Older Americans Act of 1965 was aimed at protecting the rights
of the elderly. The OAA also allowed for federally funded services for
the elderly, which would be run by the Administration on Aging and the
National Aging Network.
Together, these groups
provide funding for programs for the elderly, based on the population
in each geographic location. These services can include meals which are
delivered to the homes of the elderly that are not able to cook or have
no one to care for them. In addition, they may receive nutritional
counseling, as well as social support.
also provides for community based services for those that are
ambulatory. These programs are aimed at education on disease
prevention, as well as the availability of vaccines and other health
services. There are seminars and discussion groups, to be certain that
the elderly are fully aware of the rights.
For example, seminars may include lessons on estate planning, as well as actions that can be taken in cases of abuse or neglect.
Older Americans Act was aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of
the elderly. In addition to providing services and educational
programs, the Act funds a variety of services that would otherwise not
exist. There are services which can help the elderly confront legal
issues including estate planning and issues of guardianship. In fact,
they may have access to free legal advice through the programs. 



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