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American Geriatrics Society

American Geriatrics Society

The American Geriatrics Society is a non-profit organization that serves over 4,600 health professionals devoted to improving health, independence and quality of life for elderly persons. AGS provides leadership to healthcare professionals, policymakers and the public by establishing and supporting programs in patient care, research, professional and public education and public policies.

The American Geriatrics Society was founded in 1942 by a small group of health care professionals to encourage and promote the study of geriatric health care. Geriatric health is the branch of healthcare that concerns medicinal practices dealing especially with the problems of aging and the diseases of the elderly. The most common geriatric diseases are immobility, instability and impaired intellect/memory. Other health care issues that affect the elderly population of America are elderly care, delirium, use of multiple medications, impaired vision and hearing. 

The American Geriatrics Society’s plan for the future is to reach out to all elderly patients in the United States in order for them to receive a higher standard and quality of life. By providing health care services and By augmenting the public’s knowledge of geriatric health through a variety of initiatives that promote clinical, basic and health service research for elderly people, more citizens will be likely to seek medical assistance from health care professionals in the field of geriatrics.

Expanding the teaching of geriatric education in medical schools, in theory, will increase the number of health care professionals who practice geriatric care. Certainly, recruitment of health care professionals to geriatric health practices will help increase the number of elders who can be helped with their health problems and concerns. The American Geriatrics Society has annual meetings and newsletters that include information about geriatric health and the concerns that the organization has about health care practices in America.