American Health Assistance Foundation

American Health Assistance Foundation

American Health Assistance Foundation

The American Health Assistance Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds research seeking cures for Alzheimer's disease, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma, and provides the public with information about risk factors, preventative lifestyles, available treatment and coping strategies.

The Foundation issues important information to the general public, especially those in the elderly population, through their website, print publications, public service announcements, television and radio broadcasts. The aim and focus of the American Health Assistance Foundation is to educate people about risk factors, the latest research, treatment options, risk reduction through healthy lifestyles and ways to deal with degenerative diseases.

The American Health Assistance Foundation is one of America's leading supporters of scientific investigations to gather information in order to understand and find cures for Alzheimer's disease, age-related macular degenerative diseases and glaucoma.

The Foundation has rewarded over $110 million of grants to professionals and prominent scientists for research at universities, hospitals and medical centers around the world.  Currently, it supports 125 grants: 62 for Alzheimer's research, 34 for macular degenerative diseases and 29 for glaucoma research.  

Founded in 1973, the American Health Assistance Foundation operates under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code while being a non-profit organization for its members. Individuals, groups and other parties can make donations to the foundation to help them conduct their research and award grants to established health care professionals.

The American Health Assistance Foundation has six branches that are focused on specific research material and medical programs. The AHAF also has partner foundations and organizations in other countries to further the scope of its research. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, lead by the Executive Director.

There are three Scientific Review Committees consisting of researchers who influence and guide the Board on making decisions on which grants to allow. The funding that allows the American Health Assistance Foundation to give out grants for research are private donations from the general public. Cash contributions, memorials, wills and bequests, charitable trusts, annuities, and corporate and foundation grants are all ways in which to donate to AHAF. 




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